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Key Types

We are able to provide spare and replacement keys for most makes and models. We are able to produce a standard key, flip key, remote key, slot key, IR key(Mercedes) or smart key depending on your requirements and system. We are also able to upgrade your old key standard key and separate remote into a flip key.


- Standard Key: 

A standard key is a great economical solution for a spare key. It includes a transponder chip so the key can start the car and can open the doors by inserting the key in the lock 


- Flip Key: 

A flip key includes a keyblade, transponder chip and remote control to lock and unlock your car. The key blade can tuck away when the key is not in use 


- Remote Key: 

A remote key is similar to a flip key however the key does not 'flip' away 


- Standalone Remote: 


A standalone remote is able to open and close the doors only

- Slot Key:

A key which must be inserted into a slot for the car to start. Common on VW/Audi and BMW


- Infrared Key:

Found on Mercedes from 1998 until 2014 these keys are quite unique. They use an electronic ignition system but the key still turns


- Smart/Proximity Key:

Commonly found on most current vehicles, smart keys can be left in your pocket or bag and the car is started using a start/stop button