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Terms and Conditions

By using our services, you are agreeing to our disclaimer terms and conditions as follows:

1. I hereby agree that I own the vehicle requiring a replacement or spare key or have been given written permission from the legal owner of the vehicle to create a new or spare key.
a Drivers License and Registration papers are needed and will be checked.

2. I hereby agree to grant Auto Key Spares locksmiths entry to my vehicle on private or public premises if required to reprogram the Immobiliser system at an agreed date and time only

3. I hereby agree that Auto Key Spares is not responsible for any unforeseen or unexpected outcomes or circumstances whilst our locksmiths are on premise including but not limited to Fire, Storm and Weather Damage, Natural Disaster Damage, Theft, Electrical Faults and Physical Damage.

5. I hereby agree that although the utmost most care is taken and only tried and tested methods are used for programming, Auto Key Spares is not responsible for any damage done to the vehicle's immobilizer and electrical system during programming. If you have an aftermarket immobilizer system please let us know before we begin working.

6. I hereby agree that the full payment of the agreed amount is due immediately upon receipt of a new working key

7. I hereby agree that I will be present at the agreed location, time and date to grant Auto Key Spares entry to the premise and vehicle. I agree that a $50 'no show' fee may be charged in the event I am not available or late

8. I hereby agree that in the event of canceling an order, I will give Auto Key Spares at least 4 hours notice from the agreed time. I agree that a $50 'cancellation' fee may be charged in the event I cancel an order with less than 4 hours notice.

9.  - Authorization for Security/ Emergency Services - You will be required to sign a copy of this disclaimer: I hereby certify that I have the authority to order the lock, key, door hardware, accessories, access to control devices, safes, vaults, money drop boxes and/or security work designated above. Further, I agree to absolve the locksmith who bears this authorization form any and all claims arising and an acknowledgment that all the work has been performance of such work. My signature below and or the payment in full of this invoice constitutes a waiver of claims and acknowledgement that all the work has been performed in a satisfactory manner, that the locksmith has demonstrated the lock/security system is in good working order and that there has been no damage to the work site or surrounding areas. Payment in full of this invoice constitutes authorization for Auto Key Spares to perform all security/emergency services provided pursuant to this invoice.